Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Your smile is a million and one way of overpowering your enemy                        Because your enemy does not want you to be happy.

Therefore, when you smile it means you are happy and that smile alone weakens your enemy And throws him into a confuse state.

Never stop smiling, it is one of the ways of saying I am happy and strong            And another way of telling your enemy that whatever he is doing is not getting to you.


Thursday, October 17, 2019

Be Yourself!

There is always a bad in a good
There is always a disadvantage in an advantage
But the most important thing is the height of the POSITIVITY in the negativity
In whatever you do always be yourself

When people look down on you
You look up at yourself
When people bring you down
You raise yourself up
When people trample upon you
Never give up but rather stand up and dust yourself

Always be yourself in everything that you do
Be yourself at all times
Never ever look back
Do not ever look back

Is it in your office
Is it in your school
Is it in your choice of career/profession
Is it in the environment you find yourself
Always be yourself
There is no greater joy than being you!

Monday, October 7, 2019

Live everyday knowing that each day takes you closer to your dream

Those who don't make positive impact in your life are not needed. DELETE them

Unemployment doesn't mean there's no job it means there's no vacancy

A setback brings TESTIMONY
A downfall brings UPLIFTMENT
A challenge is for GREATER THINGS ahead

It is difficult to understand people but there is no harm in trying

A decision made in a rush can be disastrous

A dream remains a dream when it is not put down in writing

Your tomorrow begins today

What a man can do a woman can do better and together they can do great

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Life comes with possibilities, one setback shouldn't stop you

To be determined in LIFE might seem like a tough nut to crack      But it can be easy

All it takes is for to make up our minds
Making up our minds might sound easy                                                        But it entails a lot

When you make up your mind You are saying authoritatively that this and this is what you want to do

When you make up your mind            It means you have come to a conclusion                                          You  have decided on what to do or the steps to take

DETERMINATION comes with a lot of responsibilities                              So  it is advisable for you to put your responsibilities in writing

You might not be able to write everything down                              But at least with scale of preference you can prioritize

One thing is certain A DETERMINED mind achieves the unthinkable

Monday, June 10, 2019

It is sometimes difficult to LOVE

Not every man that kneels and say I LOVE YOU
Truly knows the meaning of the word.

Don't get carried away by his SWEET words
Because they are  "SWEET WORDS"
They are just performing their functions

Men can be babies for SEX
Once they are done
They become men again

Just as respect is reciprocal
So is love

Love is an indescribable feeling
That can mar or make you

Not every man loves you for who you are
Some love you for what they can get from you

If you don't love her
Don't date her

Do not love out of fear or pity
Love out of desire to care

Friday, May 24, 2019


We sleep, we wake, we bath, we eat and we go out
Many go out to hunt for daily bread
While others just step out with hope that they will locate their helpers

Our desires vary and so many times tally
But our individual aspiration in most cases prevents us from seeing this
We prefer to rally for our own rather than consider the man next door

Some live in glass house, others barely have what to call a house
And the man that can afford to rent a place sometimes spends his all in doing so
But in all we still exist in the same society

Whether white or black
No matter your skin colour
We are all the same

Technologically advance or medically improved
We breathe the same air and exist under the same atmosphere
But then our desire and strive are one among others things that make us to act differently


Your smile is a million and one way of overpowering your enemy                        Because your enemy does not want you to be happy. ...